Best Car Mobile Charger in India – Dual Port Phone Chargers with Cable

We all are aware of the fact that our smartphone’s battery doesn’t last long and it needs to be charged multiple times every day! However, it is not possible to run back home every time we need to recharge the phone. Instead, we can use a Car Mobile Charger to recharge our mobile phones in the car while we drive.

It is quite a convenient solution. Isn’t it?

Like every other product, the market is full of car phone chargers and so it might become difficult for the car owners to choose the best out of all. So, we have compiled this list of Best Car Mobile Charger in India here on this page. You can use this list as a reference and buy any of these car chargers that you think is the best.

Best Car Mobile Chargers

These are the Best Car Mobile Chargers in India:-

1. boAt Dual Port Rapid

This one is by far the best car mobile charger available in the Indian market right now!

This is the high time of boAt as it has been performing really well in the Indian market by introducing quality products one after the other.

This car phone charger is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified and provides 4 times faster charging. It comes with dual USB ports and can charge 2 mobiles simultaneously!

You’ll also get a Micro USB cable with an option to replace it with a Type C Cable.

Not to forget, it also has built-in safeguards to prevent against excessive current, overheating and overcharging. So, you can order this boAt Car Mobile Charger with Cable without any issue!

2. AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB

This is a Dual USB Port 20 Watts car charger from AmazonBasics. It is capable of charging 2 mobile devices at the same time!

It is equipped with built-in safeguards to protect your devices from overload, short-circuit and surge protection. For a better understanding, this charger comes with a Blue LED light which when lit confirms the connection.

It is compatible with a wide range of smartphones running on both Apple and Android. With 2 amps of power per port, you can charge 2 mobile devices simultaneously using this car charger.

You’ll not get a cable with this car charger in the box.

You can purchase this charger without any issues as AmazonBasics is quite a respectable name in India!

3. Syska Atom Fast Dual

Syska is a brand that doesn’t require any introduction. It has earned its name by launching quality products in the Indian market.

Like others, it is also a dual USB port car charger with a 2.4 A output. It comes with durable spring action for accurate connectivity.

The input voltage to be provided is 12-24 V and the input current is 15 A (max). It generates an Output Voltage of 5 V.

The touch-points of this car charger are claimed to be long-lasting by the company and so it has a longer life span.

Last, but not least it provides protection from short circuits and overload.

It does come with a Micro USB Cable. So, you can purchase the Syska Atom Fast Dual Car Charger happily as it has got almost everything that you can expect from a car charger!

4. Regor Qualcomm Certified, Quick Charge 3.0

This is one of the most powerful and fastest dual-port car mobile chargers available in the Indian market! This charger is capable of charging your mobile phones pretty fast as it can deliver 36 Watts current!

It also supports Non-Qualcomm devices at 2.4 A per port. The total output for Non-Quick Charge devices is 4.8 A.

Regor has provided built-in safeguards in this charger to protect the devices from over-current, over-charging, over-heating, etc.

You’ll also receive a Micro USB cable with this product.

5. Mi Basic CZCDQ01BY

Seems like Mi has decided to get into every gadgets’ list on the internet! This one is yet another quality product from Mi.

This car phone charger from Mi comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. So, it can charge your phone pretty fast as long as your phone supports fast charging.

It is very lightweight and compact in size but also looks very stylish.

Mi Car Charger offers dual USB ports and has a circular blue LED ring around the ports which confirms the connection.

It also has built-in safeguards like output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, short-circuits and high-temperature protection.

One thing to note here is that it doesn’t come with a USB cable but still comes with a budget-friendly price tag!

So, these are the Best Car Mobile Chargers in India. You can order any one of them that you think is the best of all.

Do let us know about your favorite car charger and if we have done a mistake anywhere on this page. Please share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment below via the comment box.

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