Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction Poll – Check who’s winning!

Like every year, Bigg Boss 13 is entertaining the fans to the fullest! Now, as the show is proceeding forward the fans are feeling really very curious about who is going to win Bigg Boss 13? So, we are running a Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction Poll here on this page!

Before you jump directly to the poll, let’s discuss a few rules and how to use the Winner Prediction Poll for Bigg Boss 13 on our blog.

Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction Poll

Well, this Prediction Poll can be used by anyone on the internet and doesn’t even require anyone to sign in! You can come to this page daily and vote your favorite Bigg Boss 13 Contestant. Right after you are done voting your favorite contestant, you will be able to check the Prediction Poll Results.

From the results, you can check the popularity of your favorite Bigg Boss 13 contestants and others by analyzing the voting trends.

Now, the question comes – How to Vote in this Winner Prediction Poll?

So, to vote, all you need to do is to Click or Tap on your Favorite Contestant’s Name or Photo and your vote will be recorded. And, as mentioned above also, after your vote you will be shown the prediction poll results! Further, we will remove the names of those contestants who will be evicted. So, the poll will proceed ahead updated and in the fresh state always!

Now, don’t wait anymore and vote for your favorite Bigg Boss 13 Contestant from below!

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Who is going to Win Bigg Boss 13?
Total Votes : 9201

So, have you voted? We guess Yes!

Thanks for using our Bigg Boss 13 Prediction Poll. Please note that this Poll is run by us i.e., and has nothing to do with the channel and official votings, countings or winnings.

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We hope that you are enjoying the 13th season of this entertainment-packed show to the fullest. Don’t forget to share the controversies of the Bigg Boss 13, your views about the contestants, who according to you will win the Bigg Boss 13, etc with us.

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31 thoughts on “Bigg Boss 13 Winner Prediction Poll – Check who’s winning!”

    • Thanks for your comment Vrinda! I would like to suggest you share this page with your friends as well and ask them to vote for her.

      Keep visiting to check who’s winning in our poll and for more Bigg Boss Season 13 updates.

      • Fully agree. Shernaz is the real entertainer. Also a pacifier to Siddharth and Asim. Unlike Raashmi who is the cause of many a situations.

    • Said too soon ! Siddharth or Shernaz also stand a good chance. Ultimately, our votes will make the difference. So, keep fingers crossed. Only pray that cry baby Raashmi does not win !

    • I agree, but only if he can control his nerves. He may have to leave on medical grounds as he gets very hyper thanks to Asim and Raashmi, who keep targeting him. He should listen to Shernaz, Shefali Jariwala and Aarti, who do try pacifying him again and again. Otherwise a good potential will soon be lost !

    • Exactly… Siddharth is just useless… He only know how to abuse on mother, father & sister.. He is the only person who pokes to asim.. Asim, is really doing fantastic.. When he came I genuinely thought he will be evicted after few weeks, but he is still in bb house.. He is a strong contentor… Asim, must win bb 13.. ❤

      • Asim is the one who pokes in every issue between others. Shukla, I admit, is unable to control his nerves. Both are handsome but aggressive and bad-mouthed. Shernaz, the Punjabi Katrina Kaif, is the best of all, an entertainer and a pacifier. Wish she wins ! The rest are all ‘also ran’ types. Of course, the worst is Raashmi Desai. A cry baby whose sole target is Siddharth Shukla. Now with Arhaan gone, she is wooing Asim and Vishal. Wish she gets eliminated soon.

      • Asim can only bee seen when he fights to Siddharth – Apart form that he is not seen… He also knows that so she tries to poke Siddharth and get into the lime light.

    • Lekin, bhai, Asim koyi kam to nahin. Who bhi galiyan bolta hai. Aakhir ek waqt who Siddharth ka chela tha. Dono ko muh saaf rakhna chahiye aur ek doosre se door rehna chahiye. Shernaz sahi mae mein entertainer hai. Use jeetna chahiye !

    • No, he is getting unnecessarily aggressive and foul-mouthed. He started with a slow take off but now he seems desperately violent. No doubt, he apologises again and again, but that is not enough. The winner should be Siddharth or Shernaz.

      • I agree —
        Asim can only bee seen when he fights to Siddharth – Apart form that he is not seen… He also knows that so he tries to poke Siddharth and get into the lime light.

  1. Asim and Shahnaz bug fat dramy baaz, both are using Sidharth shukla for footage who is real power house of the BB show.

    Hate Asim and Moti punjabi Shehnaz Gill rondo

    • Siddharth shukla is the winner of bb13……inshallah…..strong people always win,and he is strong ,deserves the trophy…..😎😎😎

  2. Asim will win BB13.. He is the highest Trending BB Contestant ever 60 Lacs Tweets for him in a Single Day… Least known person is ruling the Show..
    My Second choice will be Siddarth or Rasmi..

    But Asim is the best.

  3. Asim has no guts – he keeps on saying hit me if u r a man to Siddharth , i want to know is Asim really a man …. with his hands folded behind… seems he is not a man who has same dialouges to say. but actuall he cant do any thing …poor Asim…. him self cant carry hand on Siddharth…
    Asim can only bee seen when he fights to Siddharth – Apart form that he is not seen… He also knows that so he tries to poke Siddharth and get into the lime light.


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